Y16 Smart sports watch


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1.  Color: Black, Silver
2. Main screen: 1.39 inches; resolution: 360 * 360; IP67 waterproof
3. CPU: Ruiyu Realtek 8762DT; Memory: RAM192KB+ROM128MB
4. Bluetooth 5.1; Support for calls
5. Battery capacity: 260mAh; Use time: Dual Bluetooth for 3-5 days, single Bluetooth for 5-7 days
6. Support multiple exercise modes, sleep monitoring, real heart rate, blood oxygen, and other functions
7. 22 language packs: Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Danish, Thai, Polish, Persian, Spanish, Malay, Greek, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkey, Latin, Romania, Hebrew, Burmese, Ukrainian
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