Returns and Refunds Policy

You have 24 hours from the delivery time to notify us if your goods are defective, damaged, or flawed. Depending on the category and condition of your purchase, you may be able to get a refund or a replacement.
Please be aware that things purchased by customers who later change their minds cannot be returned.
The applicable terms & conditions will always be displayed on the product page (Return Policy tab).


If the delivered product is damaged or defective in some way (physically broken or destroyed).

If you receive a product that is inaccurate or incomplete (for example, the presentation or specifications differ from those on the website or missing parts).

If there is a mismatch between the size of a product and the one ordered.


You no longer have a use for the product.

After you’ve placed the order, you’ve changed your mind.


The item must be completely new, unopened, and unwashed in order to qualify for a refund.

Accessories, freebies, original tags, warranty cards, user manuals must remain with the product.

The item must be returned in its original manufacturer’s packaging/box, and it cannot be modified in any way.


If your goods qualify for a reimbursement, you have the option of sending it back through an exchange courier for a different one. As soon as we receive your product and put it through quality inspection, you can anticipate your refund to be processed within 7 business days after we collect it.

In some cases, the refund process may take longer than expected because of unforeseen complications or delays in shipment.

Return and Refund Policy for Gadgets

1. Keeping the box, warranty sticker & seller invoice is mandatory in case of a warranty claim for Accessories (Smart Watch, AirPods, Power Adapter, Cable, Bluetooth Speaker, etc.) with an Official Warranty. In this case, claiming the warranty may take a minimum of 10 working days.

2. A 30-day replacement warranty will be available for all kinds of Gadgets (Excluding product display/touch issues, liquid damage, physical damage, and product box damage). The customer must inform customer support within 30 days after receiving the product. Otherwise, no complaint will be granted.

3. We don’t offer any repair services. 

4. Products once sold are completely unreturnable. If there is no visible problem with the purchased device, no exchange will be offered. 

5. Due to hardware/software changes, slight technical changes may occur in devices such as fittings/display color/headphone sound quality/packaging, etc. No replacement or exchange will be offered for those changes. 

6. Products covered by warranty will be resolved within a specified period. If a product is beyond repair only, the product will be replaced. 

7. If any product is selected for replacement, then the replacement warranty is valid only once. But in that case, the claims such as scratches/defects/color issues/accessories and box all must be intact.

8. If any defect is found in the product received through courier, then the customer must report to our customer support on the day of receipt of the order / within 24 hours. Otherwise, no objection will be granted. 

9. Proof of the product issues must be submitted with a video to customer support for claiming any replacement or exchange. 

10. No warranty claim will be entertained after the expiry of the warranty period.

11. Any refund will be processed within 7 (seven) working days. Please note that the method of refund (Bank Transfer/Mobile Banking) will be determined by OFF BEAT-Enjoy Originals.

12. OFF BEAT-Enjoy Originals reserves the right to change/modify/extend any policy at any time without prior notice.

13. To make any product warranty claim, you have to come to our customer care in person with the invoice/bill and the warranty sticker on the box.