Privacy Policy

We are always focused on world-class leather goods that meet the demand of the consumers effectively. This section is developed to make you ensure what we actually offer and what your limitations are. Don’t worry. We developed a user-friendly privacy policy section to make your shopping experience better with us.


We may collect personal information about you, such as your name, OFF BEAT username and password, postal billing and shipping addresses, contact number, email addresses, social networking information (such as usernames, handles, and friends lists), information about contacts provided by you or information in your address book, demographic information (such as date of birth, age, and gender), photos you send us, payment information (including credit card numbers), and other information (often from the device on which you access the Services).

Additionally, you may provide us with additional personal information by filling out online surveys and promotions, or by taking part in other available opportunities through our Services, such as competitions and sweepstakes. Data collected from third parties may be combined with data collected through the Services and other interactions with us.

OFF BEAT collects and/or aggregates information about your use and interactions with our Services in addition to the information you provide to us on this website or when using the Services. This information is often acquired by automated mechanisms on behalf of OFF BEAT. If you visit the Services from another website, your IP address, device ID, type, wi-fi connection information, geo-location data, and the operating system and browser type you use will all be included in this category. We may also collect and store information about your visit and use of our Services, such as your browser type, operating system, and type of browser and operating system.

The information is collected and tracked by cookies and web beacons on occasion. “Cookies” are tiny identifiers delivered from a web server and kept on your device’s hard drive for the purpose of identifying your browser when you interact with websites or saving information or settings in your browser. In addition to “web beacon,” other names for it include “internet tag,” “pixel tag,” and “clear GIF.” Web beacons connect web pages to web servers and their cookies, and they can be used to send data acquired through cookies back to a web server. Using web beacons, we can see whether or not you’ve opened or clicked on any of the emails we’ve sent you in the past.

We allow others to use cookies, web beacons, APIs, SDKs, and other tracking tools on our Services on our behalf, and to retain and use de-identified user data received from such tracking tools. The Advertising Network section below describes how third parties might utilize user data and tracking techniques for advertising. When you use our Services or third-party websites or mobile apps that display our advertisements, these third parties may collect information about your online activities over time and across multiple websites, apps, and devices.

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Customers’ personal information may be used for a variety of purposes, including we may also use personal information in other ways for which we provide notice at the time of collection as required by applicable laws, or without notice to you for any legally permissible purpose and subject to applicable laws.

    To carry out daily operations such as creating and managing client accounts, responding to inquiries and delivering desired products and services, processing payments or giving customer support, as well as the processing and collecting payments,
    To inform you about our company and to offer you our products or services, as well as those of others that we believe you'll find valuable.
    To keep you informed about special events, programs, surveys, contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions.
    To make it possible for you to have direct communication with OFF BEAT and its consumers via the internet.
    To determine how we may better serve our customers by developing new products and services, identifying new markets for our advertising and marketing efforts, and improving our Services in other ways. We also ask for feedback from our customers via email, phone calls, and/or focus groups.
    To customize your purchasing experience, adverts, and how we communicate with you based on the information we have about you and your interests.
    To carry out data analyses, such as market & consumer study, market research, market analysis, and corporate finance.
    To ensure that our policies and procedures are in line with applicable laws and legal requirements and to comply with legal information requests and investigations and prohibit fraudulent, unethical, or illegal behavior.


We may feature third-party applications on this website or through our Services that allow users to connect with one other or share content. Some of these mini-programs, such as a Facebook “Share” or “Like” button, provide specialized services or content from a third party and are accessible to you when you visit our Services. Cookies and other tracking technologies placed on your device as a result of your engagement with these programs allow the third party to collect information about you. Even if you don’t use the app, the third party may be able to recognize you because of its cookies. If you’d like to learn more about the data collection practices and choices accessible to you, please review the privacy policies of the third parties to which you provide data.


We collaborate with advertising networks, which are businesses that provide targeted adverts to customers and generate information and metrics about their distribution. We and other advertisers utilize the data acquired by these companies to provide targeted adverts, auditing, and research for us and other advertisers. Our website and mobile applications gather this data, as do third-party websites you visit and third-party mobile applications you use. As a result, our marketing strategies are better deployed, and we can measure the results.


Retargeting techniques are utilized on both our webpage and our (external/mobile) applications. The benefit of this is that we may show adverts from partners to visitors who are already interested in our store and products. Individualized, interest-based advertising, rather than impersonal advertising, is more engaging for our customers, according to our estimates. Cookies are analyzed by retargeting technology, which then shows you ads customized to your previous browsing history.


To engage and share activities, opinions, content, and information with other persons you specify the Services may enable you to interact with them. If you use our Services, you may also be able to link and exchange your information with third-party social networking platforms, webpages, apps, and offerings through the use of “plugins.” Additionally, you can exchange the contact details in your address book with OFF BEAT so that we can assist you in inviting others to join OFF BEAT, notify them of special deals, and assist with dispatches. Please be considerate of others’ privacy needs as well as your own while connecting with others, sharing information with us and others, and making the information public. No matter what you choose to make it public or share with others, we have no way of knowing what other people will do with such information. You should know that we have no control over any third-party sharing services or their actions, including the information they acquire from you and your devices or what they do with that information. Read their privacy policies to get a better idea of how they treat your personal information.


We may disclose your personal information to third parties in the following manner:

We may exchange information about you that does not straightforwardly recognize you with 3rd parties, such as our Affiliates, advertising networks, analytics providers, and others who may use the data for any legally authorized purposes and without notification to you unless required by relevant laws.