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Brand: Sportz

Materials: Original Leather Slip Resistant: Take certainty steps even on dangerous tracks, The soles ensure you are consistently in charge of your walk. Ideal for wearing during the wet climate.

Special Consideration: Extraordinary wrap, fit the foot. The upper has phenomenal pounding.

Breathable: The breathable texture and the delicate padded material insides make your feet don’t hurt. Wear these boots the entire day without making your feet sore and tired.

Weight: 900-1030 GM

Delicate and Adaptable: Normal versatile wrap, mind-blowing flexibility and adaptability, sway obstacle, enough shield the toes from injury.

Sturdiness: Crafted with solid materials and hearty sewing these boots are intended to perform even in the harshest climate conditions and requesting outside.

Phenomenal Special FABRIC: Lightweight material decreases the meaning of the shoe. Offers an ideal broken-in look, making it ideal for regular wear.

Solace: Our boots give all climate adaptability, wear it in downpours or on blanketed streets you don’t need to stress over smooth rocks, sloppy streets or climbing landscape.

Closure Type: Lace-up

Xenno Plus Martin Boot dis

Extraordinary Features:

– Hard Wearing

– Cushioning

– Durable

– Sweat permeable

– Top-quality

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