Offbeat MAXX

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Materials: Stretch Fabric

Extraordinary Special FABRIC: Lightweight material abatements the significance of the shoe. Offers a perfectly broken-in look, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Special Consideration: Extraordinary wrap, fit the foot. The upper has extraordinary grinding,

Weight: 720-860 GM

XENNO MAXX Motorcycle Boot8

Sensitive & Adaptable: Normal adaptable wrap, mind-blowing adaptability and flexibility, impact impediment, enough to protect the toes from injury.

Durability: Crafted with durable materials and robust stitching these boots are designed to perform even in the roughest weather conditions and demanding outdoors.

Comfort: Our boots provide all-weather versatility, wear it in rains or on snowy streets you don’t have to worry about slick rocks, muddy roads or hiking terrain.

Breathable: The breathable fabric and the soft cushioned textile interiors make your feet don’t ache. Wear these boots all day long without making your feet sore and tired.

XENNO MAXX Motorcycle Boot5

Slip Resistant: Take confidence steps even on slippery tracks, The soles make sure you are always in control of your walk. Perfect for wearing during wet weather.

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Extraordinary Features:
– Hard Wearing
– Cushioning
– Durable
– Sweat permeable
– Top-quality

XENNO MAXX Motorcycle Boot11

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