LV03 Plus Showfull fill light live broadcast holder


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1. Color: Black
2. Material: ABS+Aluminum Alloy. Weight: 304g.
3. Size: 170*210*75mm; unfolded height: 80cm.
4. Fill light: 6 inches/outer diameter 170mm; 48 lamp beads; color temperature: 4400K-6500K; mode: warm light/cold light/cold-warm light, 9-speed dimming; built-in battery: 1200mAh; use time: 1-4 Hours; charging time: 200 minutes
5. Support mobile phone size: 4.7-6.5 inches (clamp size 60-95mm)
6. Support Bluetooth remote control (Bluetooth 4.2), Selfie.
7. Small and easy to carry, live broadcast and selfie
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